You want to buy the latest Kindle Paperwhite but don’t know the amazing features you get with the device. This blog is to give insights into the diverse features you get with the latest edition of the Kindle Paperwhite. The devices come with the skilled team of Kindle help services to resolve any issues that occurs in it. Dial the Kindle paperwhite help number if you are facing any sort of issue on your e-book.

Have a look at the striking features of the Kindle Paperwhite

Lighter Weight
Having a lightweight e-book is one of the most desired features. Unlike the previous edition of the Kindle device, this one weighs only 182 grams. Thus, you can carry it without feeling the burden of a device in your pocket. This makes reading more fun for users. Moreover, the latest edition comes with a sleek design. So, your device is both lighter as well as thinner than the previous versions.

Splash It Up
Your new Kindle Paperwhite now comes with IPX8 water-resistant. So, you need not think twice before carrying it to the beach or a pool. Kindle can now withstand water immersion up to 2 meters of fresh water. However, if the device falls in water then ensure to get it back before 60 minutes expires on the clock. You can even clean your device with water. Connect with Kindle help services if you face any sort of issue with the device.

Modern Design
The device has been given the modern touch with an edge to edge glass solution. This feature was previously available in the Kindle Voyage and Oasis. Thus, the new device not only fulfills your desires of reading but also gives a cool appearance to the users. Unfortunately, if the device gets stuck with an error then dial the Kindle paperwhite help number to resolve the issue instantly.

High Storage Capacity
The device comes with two versions. You can go for either the one with 8GB of media storage capacity or for the massive 32GB storage capacity. The one with the 8GB of media storage capacity offers 6GB of space to the users. While the one with 32GB of media storage capacity offers 27GB of space to the users.

Attractive Screen Resolution
The 6-inch screen comes with a pixel density of 300ppi. This means you can easily read animation over the device. With 1448 X 1072 px of screen resolution you need not worry about downloading animations over the e-book. Contact the skilled Kindle help services team if you fail to download any book on the device.

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