The Kindle Fire line-up has been an accomplishment story for Amazon. It all started with the original Kindle Fire, but Amazon has overhauled and upgraded its Android providing since then. With its most recent Fire tablets, Amazon has released the Kindle name altogether. While feedback on the systems has been generally positive, even the most popular products have a downside and, beyond being limited to Amazon’s content providing, errors or issues can arise, whether you have a Kindle Fire HDX, the old Kindle Fire HD or a new fire tablet. Below we have some possible resolutions and workarounds to help you get past them.

Issues or Errors with PC connection, overheating, Wi-Fi, and more

Issues: PC Connection

A lot of individuals have trouble connecting their HD, Kindle Fire, or HDX to their desktop device. You might be trying to move files over and encounter the message that the system has either stopped responding or has been disconnected. Perhaps you can’t get it to show up under PC as a drive, so there’s no way to drop and drag the files.


  • You can use an app like Dropbox to wirelessly transfer files.
  • You could also email files to yourself if the files aren’t very large and you don’t have many files.

Potential Fixes:

Firstly, try revolving both your Kindle and your PC switch on and off again

  • Ensure that your Kindle Fire tablet is fully charged.
  • Try using a different USB cable.
  • If you have another spare one, then try plugging it into a different USB port.
  • If you’re using a Windows XP or Vista PC then make sure you have the Media Transfer Protocol Porting kit installed.

Issues: Blue haze on the display

Some individual reported a blue haze around the edges of the Kindle Fire HDX display, which is particularly noticeable when the background is white. It appears to vary in intensity on different systems. If you have a major issue or error, then it’s down to a developed flaw, so you should be talented to get a replacement.

Method to Fix:

Use the Mayday service or Call Amazon and report the issue or error. If it is clearly noticeable, then you should be able to get a replacement. Amazon post an explanation about its use of blue LEDs which stated, using these blue LEDs, you may notice a very narrow, faint blue tint around the edge of the system when looking at items with a white background, such as web pages or books.

Glitch: Overheating

Some individuals have reported errors with the Kindle Fire HD overheating watching movies while playing games, or surfing the web. In extreme cases, the overheating even causes the tablet to shut down. You will probably find the issue or error is worse when you have a case on your device, so try removing it and check to see if it makes a difference. All tablets get warm in use, but if your Kindle Fire HD is automatically shutting down or getting uncomfortably hot when in use, then you may have a faulty piece of hardware.

Potential results:

  • It’s possible that an app you have installed is causing the issue or error.
  • Try uninstalling apps one by one and testing to see if the issue is gone, or back up everything and perform a factory reset.
  • You may have to contact Amazon and get a replacement tablet.

If by following all the steps, then also the issue persists. Feel free to contact us at Amazon Kindle Support at anytime. As our professionals are available 24*7 for the help of the individuals.

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