Choosing the perfect e-book can be a tricky business. Various features influence the user towards a particular e-book. The popular e-book comes with Kindle help services to resolve the device form any sorts of errors. One can make contact with the customer service team by dialing kindle Paperwhite help number. An important parameter behind selecting the best kindle device is its design. When it comes to comparison of the Kindle Paperwhite with Amazon Kindle hardly any major differences exist between the two. The most striking difference in design is the availability of the device in different colors. While both the device is available in black the Amazon Kindle is also available in white color. This acts as an added advantage for Amazon Kindle as there are always people who prefer white over black. Read this blog to understand the differences between the two so you can make a smart investment suiting the inner bookworm of your soul.

Dimension & Weight

The amazon kindle comes with a dimension of 160 X 113 X 8.7 mm and has an overall weight of 174grams only. On the other hand, the dimension of Kindle Paperwhite is 167 X 116 X 8.2 mm and the device weighs 182grams. So as a user one can either go for a larger screen or a lighter weight. While the option of a bit larger screen may appear promising carrying a lighter device is more important for many users of the e-book. It may be interesting to know that the Amazon Kindle device with an additional feature of water resistance which is not available in the Kindle Paperwhite.

Display Screen

Both the kindle device shares a common screen size of 6-inch. Moreover, both Amazon Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite has been designed with a glare-free screen to give the readers a clear view. However, the difference lies when it comes to the pixel count of the device. While the Amazon device offers 167 pixels per inch the Paperwhite offers a whopping 300 pixels per inch to the users of the device. Although it may not matter for regular black and white content the difference is visible when it comes to reading content with animations in it. To the relief of customers both the devices can seek assistance from Kindle help services to resolve any issues occurring in the device.


The cost of the kindle products varies in different regions due to the difference in the rate of taxes in different nations and states. Overall the price of Kindle Paperwhite is almost around double to that of Amazon Kindle. There are reasons in support of the difference in the costs. A user may buy an e-book based on his needs. Though Kindle Paperwhite has some excellent features it is fairly reasonable that the Amazon Kindle is comparatively much cheaper and covers all the aspects of reading efficiently.

The readers of the e-book can easily connect with customer care by calling at the kindle Paperwhite help number to resolve any issues in the device effectively.

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