Kindle Paperwhite is a popular brand of e-books. Ever since the introduction, it has become everyone’s first choice when it comes to e-books. Unlike other e-books, the Kindle Paperwhite comes with a long-lasting battery enabling readers to carry it without worrying about the battery backup. There are various features of the device that make it outstanding among the others. Users also get access to the Kindle Paperwhite help number for easy customer service of the device. The effective Kindle help from the customer service teams eliminates the persisting error code and issues from the device in a smooth fashion. Amazing screen resolution is one of the most striking features of the device. Unlike other brands of e-books that are not fit for reading comics and animation, the Kindle Paperwhite device is a perfect fit for all kinds of novels. Be it animated comics or some book related to painting the display is crystal clear in the device offered by Paperwhite. However, the device is not immune to issues and errors. Often in case of errors and issues, the best way to tackle the device is by utilizing the option of wiping or resetting the device. 

Common reasons for wiping out the Kindle Paperwhite

  • Selling the device to buy a new edition. Perhaps you have bought a new device and simply have no use for the older one. However, it is no good to lose your data and privacy to someone else. In such circumstances, it is common to reset the device before handing it over to a stranger.
  • Another common reason for resetting the device is the forgotten password to the e-book. The device has been designed with very simple and easy to use configuration and lacks the feature of only password resetting. So to create a new password the reader would have to reset the device.
  • Often the e-book is gifted to others. Gifting an old e-book can be economical and all a user needs to protect his privacy is simply resetting of the device.

Important Precaution before resetting the Kindle Paperwhite

  • Wiping out the device or resetting the Kindle Paperwhite will erase all your online purchased e-books. So, if you are planning to use your books again after resetting the device than it is essential to create a backup of the content in the device. Backing-up the content on Cloud prevents the user from losing the content of the Paperwhite. 
  • Take note of the personal data or information entered into the device. It must be noted that the backup doesn’t protect or keep a note of the credentials or personal data entered into the device.
  • You may utilize Kindle help from the team of customer service in case of issues faced while resetting the device.

Steps to wipe Kindle Paperwhite

  • Select the option of Menu from the screen of the device.
  • Choose the option of Settings.
  • Choose ‘Menu’ with a tap.
  • Tap on the option of the Reset Device.

Connect with the team of customer service via Kindle Paperwhite help number for any issues or errors occurring into the device.

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