Amazon provides one of the most popular and highest selling e-readers that is kindle. The reasons that are responsible for its popularity are easily usable and unique features and one among them is 1 click payment in kindle.

This Kindle payment method is used to make quick payments as it connects your kindle to your amazon account by using credit cards, debit cards, or Amazon store cards. This  1 click payment in kindle can be enabled or disabled by making a change in settings. Nowadays the option of 1 click is available in most of the 2nd generation kindle devices.’

In this blog, we have shared the steps to enable 1 click kindle payment by making a few changes in settings. If you face any issue or want expert assistance then feel free to contact kindle through kindle customer service.

Below are the steps that can be used while facing an issue in setting 1 click payment in kindle. 

Note – You can contact Kindle Customer Service anytime you feel, you might be doing it wrong.

Step 1:

a) Open kindle sign-in in your browser and sign in in your kindle account.

b) Log-in when you are entering your Amazon account.

c) After you have signed into the account you will be headed to ‘Manage your kindle’ page.

Step 2:

a) When you reach ‘manage your kindle’ page you will see 3 tabs Your Content’, ‘Your Devices’ and ‘Your Settings’ 

b) Now click on ‘your settings’ option and select it.

c) Since we have to edit payment settings for 1 click, choose payment settings in the ‘settings’ tab.

Step 3:

a) After you have entered the payment settings, you can browse all your cards.

b) To enable 1 click payment Kindle, you can use any of the existing cards or can add a new one.

c) When you are filling the details, choose an existing one or a new card.

Step 4:

a) After you have added or chosen the card, choose the payment option and then press the tap button available on the yellow key to continue. You can find this button on the right side of the page.

b) Fill the details of your billing address and again press the tab to continue.

c) Once you have successfully made these changes, this will enable you to use 1 click payment method of kindle.

d) From now onwards after making these changes, you can get a book by making payment in just 1 click.

A point to keep in mind is that this method applies to all accounts. But even if you are unable to use this 1 click method then the possible reason might be that the card you have added in 1 click payment kindle does not have sufficient balance.

These features make the use of kindle for purchasing books less tedious and hasslefree.

These were the simple steps that you need to perform sequentially to enable your 1 click payment in kindle. Even after following these steps, if you are facing any issue regarding the same then feel free to contact the kindle customer service.

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