It has been observed in some of the older Amazon Kindle Fire tablets the storage is as low as 8 GB. Even in the new Kindle 7 the storage id only up to 16 GB. In case the user wants to download movies, large games, and apps. This storage is relatively low and you may be running soon out of space. At times this becomes frustrating for the users to unable to download something. Kindle fire tech support can help customers.

For such a scenario, there is a solution to an SD card (or, or in the case of Kindle Fires, a micro SD card). Further, this provides a partial solution for the users. It provides more room to work with it.

Best SD card for the Kindle Fire

Kindle fire help services are also provided for the users. Further, Amazon recommends buying class 10 or UHS micro SD card. These are quite expensive as compared to the SD cards of class 2 and one can buy faster. One can use a micro SD card that holds up to a maximum of 128 GB. In case the user may require more storage, for this situation one can buy multiple SD cards (but you need to remember that if any data is downloaded to your SD card, then you will not be able to access that data until and unless that SD card is inserted.

In case the user is planning to use the SD card for the internal storage to run various apps and then one should look for a card with an A2 or A2 rating. These may be believed to help apps run more efficiently.

Further, it gives a decent bang for the user’s buck. It offers the class 10 performance for full HD i.e. 1080p Video recording and playback and it is certified to play nicely with fire tablets.

In case the users are looking for super-fast speeds particularly if the users want to invest a little extra in this. The users are provided support by the kindle fire help services.

How to put the SD card into Kindle Fire

In case the users used to a sim card into their phone. They will know that is a very simple matter for using a little pin to pop open the tray, which is positioning the card in place and sliding the tray back in until locks easy.

  1. At first, the user needs to turn their fire off and locate the SD card slot that is positioned towards the top of the right-hand side.
  2. Further, one needs to know their fingernail, a flat-bladed screwdriver, a sharp knife or something like that or the little pin from your phone may work. You need to start at the top and pry the cover from the slot.
  3. Now you have to insert the SD card carefully until you hear or feel a very faint snap that will tell the user it is locked into place. This will not be an easy task the user may need something to push it in properly.
  4. Now open the cover of the SD card slot and gently you need to press on the SD card that may release it and make it pop back out.
  5. Now once you have inserted the SD card you have to set the card up, mainly ready for use.

The user can connect to the Kindle fire technical support phone number in case of any problem encountered by them.

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