Amazon Kindle is a great device that has a massive fan following all over the globe. Many avid readers consider this device as an absolute must for reading their eBooks. The kindle oasis 10th generation device has a sturdy built that has most of the advanced features you would expect. With every device, there are some probabilities where minor issues can occur related to the device’s functioning. For this purpose, the company provides excellent Kindle customer support for troubleshooting the problems faced by the users. You can read about the detailed review for the 10th generation amazon kindle Oasis.

Fantastic display and designing

The new oasis 10 has a robust build and very sleek design that feels very comfortable to hold. The company has claimed that the device can tolerate immersion inside water for more than an hour. This guarantees one thing that users can read the eBooks if they are near a pool. The device weighs just some grams less than 200. The width is impressive with just below 3.5mm. It comes equipped with a 7-inch display. The 10th generation oasis boasts the largest displays ever seen in a kindle. 

Delivers stellar performance 

The 10th gen kindle has a display that gives laser-like text and image quality. You can press once on the power tab to wake the device or for putting it in the sleep mode. The backside of the device does not take prints of the fingers and doesn’t register them. The battery is incredible as you only would require charging it once and that can last for weeks. The dots per inch are impressive with a 300 count which gives a high-quality resolution. It comes with an inbuilt warm light which adapts your surrounding effortlessly. The glare-free display enables you to read outdoors in sunlight. The 8GB storage space ensures you accommodation of a vast collection of eBooks in your device. 

Overall, this device is one of the dream gadgets for those passionate eBook readers who cannot afford to miss it. The only downside that comes with it is that it’s not the cheapest edition of Kindle.

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