The Amazon Kindle is a favorite among the eBook reading community. The device delivers a powerful performance thanks to the amazing display and commendable features. However, some minor issues occur while using the tablet, which can be resolved by contacting Amazon kindle support for technical assistance. If you have been looking or ways to fix Amazon kindle fire, then you have come to the right place.

Battery Drain Issues

  • The battery draining problem in kindle is a bit of a common problem, the users complain about the battery going out too soon, this can be fixed by pressing and holding the button of power for about 40 seconds. You can check after that if the device has restarted itself properly.
  • Some of the apps are known to cause this problem. To fix it, you can go to the settings tab and then navigate to manage all applications tab if an app has been installed lately and has started to cause trouble for the kindle tablet. You can get rid o that app as it is the reason for the battery drain.

The Tablet Not Moving Past The Logo

  • Sometimes the tablet gets stuck on the logo and freezes there, you can resolve this issue by plugging the charger into your tablet, you will need to charge the tablet for some time.
  • While it is plugged, you can press the button of power and see if it restarts in the usual way. If you are unable to figure out a way, then you can also try plugging the tablet into your computer and see if it responds.

The Apps Start To Crash

  • This is one of the most common issues faced by the users; the apps begin to misbehave and crash in the mid abruptly. You can resolve this by navigating to the settings menu and then tapping the tab of apps and games.
  • You can further choose the manage all applications option and then locate the app that Is causing the issues. Once found, you can tap on the tab named force stop, and also you can clear the cache.

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