EBook reading devices have been the go-to choice for readers who are super enthusiastic about their books. The conventional traditional books are too heavy to carry in person. These devices provide an easy compact alternative which can enable them to read from any place at any time regardless of the lighting conditions. The kindle tablet tops the list with the most customers under its belt who enjoy reading Kindle books on the device. There are a bunch of other notable mentions of the commendable eBook devices variety available in the market.

The Kindle Paperwhite

This fantastic kindle tablet is available in lucrative variants; customers can choose the variant depending on their needs. The eight GB and 32gb storage allows plenty of room for storing enough eBooks for the users to stay engaged with the tablet. The luminosity of this tablet is impressive, enabling you to read even in the darkest lighting.

The Oasis Reader

This is another spectacular kindle that comes in the 32 GB variant offering massive storage to the users. With a resolution of 300 dpi, it provides excellent clarity for those who prefer crispness. This is one of the most popular versions of kindle in the market available today.

The Glowlight 3

The glowlight tablet is a worthy addition in this list. Though one cannot expand the memory as the tablet does not come with a slot for SD card. The turn page buttons give this tablet a close resonance to the traditional book. The orange lighting in the display provides a very warm feel that allows the reader to experience the reading in a complete classic manner.

Sony Digital Paper System

This device is one of the most expensive ebook-reading tablets in the market. The display is a staggering size of almost 9 x12 inches. The design is very elegant and allows 16 levels of grayscale. Though the tablet doesn’t have cloud connectivity, it is still one of the favorites with its appearance closely resembling a piece of paper.

The eBook reading devices are in huge demand, with Kindle being at the top of the list. In case you encounter some issues with the tablet, you can always get in touch with Kindle support for further assistance.

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