The Kindle e-book has been fairly successful in the transition of the reader’s habit from a paper book to electronic media. To ensure greater reach the device is available in a different range of prices to the readers. The Amazon Kindle is the usual choice for the readers of novels and fiction. However, readers who are into comics and animation may prefer Kindle Paperwhite over the regular Amazon Kindle. A reader of the e-book can easily contact Kindle Help Services by email or calls. Higher screen resolution with better pixel count is the major reason behind the popularity of the Kindle Paperwhite over the Amazon Kindle. Kindle Help Number is also available for the readers of the e-book to connect with the customer service team besides using email. This blog is to guide the users of the e-book on how to connect with Kindle using e-mail.

Reasons to Connect with Kindle Customer service

  • The device of Amazon Kindle or the Kindle Paperwhite and its variants usually works fine. However, at times the reader may fail to start up the device. The e-book completely freezes and the user is unable to startup the device despite several attempts. In such a scenario a user of the device may try rebooting the device by pressing the power button for twenty seconds. 
  • Amazon Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite come with the features of connectivity with the computer using a USB cable. At times, while you try to connect the e-book with the computer using power cable only the option of charging appears on the screen. This ensures connectivity but without the option of transfer of files. This can be frustrating to the users of the e-book. You may try using a different USB cable to resolve the issue or simply connect using a wireless transmission method. A wireless transfer of the e-book content can be done using the help of software applications.
  • A user of the e-book can easily download online books from anywhere using a well-established internet connection. Using a Wi-Fi connection is a fairly common practice for downloading e-books on the Kindle device. While the device usually works fine but it may fail to connect with the Wi-Fi connection. A user will not be able to download any e-book without using a proper connection of internet connectivity. Try downloading a Wi-Fi analyzer application software program to resolve the issue. You may also connect with the team of Kindle Help Services to resolve the issue.

Contact Kindle by email

  • Log-in to the Amazon official website.
  • Find and select the tab of ‘Manage Your Content and Devices.’
  • Now select the tab of ‘Preferences’ from the list.
  • Scroll to find and select the ‘Personal Document Setting’ option.
  • Now add the new email address already approved.
  • Now you can attach the document to the email address.
  • The delivery of email is possible until 60 days.

Readers of the e-book may also use Kindle Help Number to connect with the team of customer service.

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