The Kindle Storyteller Award 2019 is a £20,000 mythical prize identifying outstanding writing. It is open to writers publishing in English, who publish their work through Kindle Direct Publishing. Readers play a significant role in choosing the winner, helped by a panel of judges comprising various book industry professionals

In order to be qualified, books must be published between 1st May and 31 August 2019.

Just announced

Amazon has announced that qualifiers of this year’s UK Kindle Storyteller Award will have the chance of sighted their work produced for Prime Video.

The UK prize is one of six Kindle literary awards around the global finalists and the world winning titles from all six be estimated by a panel of audio-visual professionals from Amazon International Originals before one is chosen for possible production by Amazon Studios.

The winner, who will be announced online in March 2020, will receive an advance payment of USD 10,000 if they sign a contract of giving Amazon Studios a 36-month period for Amazon Studios to purchase the screenplay of their work.

The Kindle Storyteller Award is open for the submissions of new books in the English language across any genre, and entries must be submitted using Kindle Direct Publishing. Titles must be previously unpublished and a minimum of 24 pages in print with no upper word limit.

All books entered into the prize will be available on Kindle and Fire devices as well as the Kindle reading app for iPad, Android phones, iPhone, and tablets. Print copies will also be available to buy on the store.

As well as the chance for their work to be made into an audio-visual production for Prime Video, the winner of the UK Kindle Storyteller Award will receive a £20,000 cash prize, a marketing campaign to assist the book on and the chance to have their book translated.

Authors have until 31st August 2019 to submit their work for judging. The winner of the UK award will be proclaimed at a central London award ceremony in October.

James Farrell, the Head of International Originals for Amazon Studios, said that we are always looking for original content around the world for our Prime Video clients, and the next big idea and truly unique perspective can come from anywhere.

To have a shortlist of great books estimated by Kindle and by clients through the already successful KDP writing contests, and being able to pick one of them to develop as either a series or a movie will be fantastic.

Jose Chapa, Kindle EU, said: “We’re incredibly excited that the finalists from the UK Kindle Storyteller Award will have the chance for their writing to be turned into a Prime Video production.

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