Looking more than ever like the printed page, Amazon’s new flagship Kindle e-reader is a beautiful device vulnerable only by its hefty $399 price tag.

These days e-readers can effort to prove their worth when tablets and smartphones are everywhere. But even if you have these gadgets at your disposal, there are a few advantages in observing an e-reader like Amazon’s Kindle in your bag.

For starters, e-readers present battery life of weeks rather than hours. Revolving to an e-reader on a long journey helps to preserve the precious battery life of your power-hungry gadgets.

The eink displays don’t rely on an ordinary backlight, making the e-readers much easier on the eyes than other handheld gadgets.

Along with eye strain, in the last few years, we have also come to realize the importance of the color of screen’s temperature, with exposure to cool blue-ish light making it harder for our brains to wind down at the end of the day.

2019 Kindle Oasis has connected handheld devices mostly

The 2019 Kindle Oasis has connected most handheld devices in providing a night mode, which adds more of a yellowish tinge to the white screen. You’ll find new “kindness” setting in the menus, which you can adjust, schedule or gradually shift at certain times of the day.

While the Oasis’ new kindness settings might help combat wakefulness, to help the screen look like the pages of a real book. You might choose to leave warmth dialed up all the time as, without it, the Oasis’ screen looks more like the bleached printer paper; similar to the cheaper Kindle Paperwhite.


It’s difficult to work on what is already an elegant individual experience, but it’s hard to explain the upgrade allowing for that you don’t need to replace your e-reader as often as you’d replace your tablet or even Smartphone.

The $399 entry-level Oasis 3 provides 8GB of aboard storage, which should hold more than enough eBooks to suit even the most voracious reader.

You’d only step up to the $449 32GB model if you intend to load up on Audible audiobooks, which take up about 150MB each. There’s no built-in speaker or headphone jack, instead, the Oasis relies on Bluetooth. You can download books from Amazon via Wi-Fi, or else upgrade to the $559 32GB model featuring both Wi-Fi and 4G mobile broadband.

That’s a ludicrous amount to spend on an e-reader, even one as beautiful as the Oasis when you consider the other options in the 10th generation Kindle lineup. Apart from warmth mode and an extra inch of screen size, the only key things that you miss out on with the Paperwhite compared to the Oasis is support for physical buttons and audiobooks to turn the page.

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