The shopping giant company Amazon has made big announcements concerning free time the well-known platform reputed for providing properly constructed content for kids. The content includes books, movies and games made for the handheld devices. Amazon has created waves with their announcement for Kindle edition specifically for kids, the new Kindle for kids is an eBook reading tablet that targets young kids as their primary audience. The device features a big 6-inch screen with a resolution of 168ppi, the screen features e-ink and the battery has enough juice in it to last for weeks.

The kids will be able to tune the brightness based on their preferences. This product closely resembles Kindle 10th generation except that it has been built keeping Kids in focus. It comes with badges for achievement for the young tots to earn.

Wonderful content for children     

The feature of word wise helps the kids to learn about a new word. There are a plethora of wallpapers that kids would love and the shipping for the devices begins on October 30. One can also pre-order a copy of their device from now onwards. The purchase comes with a 365-day subscription of freetime unlimited not only that there is a 2-year warranty as well in the offer. Another announcement saw the editions of Fire HD 10 for the children which can also be pre-ordered starting today.

Amazon also made declarations about the arrival of free time to other devices such as the Fire TV stick, smart TVs and devices of echo show to mention a few. It is important to note that many of these devices will feature a 365-day subscription to this service.

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