The reputed writer Ian W Sainsbury took the cake of 20k British pound in the form of Kindle storyteller award. He received this honour for his psychological thriller titled the picture on the fridge. This thriller is about a female that is suffering from self-doubt as her daughter creates a picture of her by drawing her in an environment she has never visited. Amidst all this chaos she then starts to doubt her husband. The judges comprised of a panel of presenters and directors and also the winner of the previous year’s award. The book has received plenty of accolades, it’s plot has been called gripping with very believable personas in it.

The prize money isn’t the only thing that Sainsbury deserves as he also will get a marketing campaign for the cause of supporting the Kindle eBook on Amazon.  There is also a possibility of the book going for translation in several languages. Amazon had announced that the finalists out of the kindle literary awards will face evaluation from the experts’ panel of Amazon’s international originals. One of these will get chosen to have a script of dialogues and then developed for making a video production.

Many Entries Leading To the Final

The fifty-year-old author has described this as a fantastic feeling, Sainsbury was a musician who played on the ships and in circuses and he later became a standup comedian. He is known for his work in the field of science fiction. Frostrup who is the presenter exclaimed that publishing business does feel like a shut shop to the outside world. The storyteller awards are known to welcome the writers from every stage of life and phases. Frostrup described that it was not easy to judge the winners and was much of a challenge.

The kindle storyteller awards are very welcoming and appreciative of a writer’s skills. They are always excited to display the new talent and creative styles of writing to their readers who enjoy reading on their devices with plenty of kindle Book for technical assistance. The panel was joyous about the high amount of entries and the finalists had to go through a lot of competition.

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