Kindle Voyage two will get released in the coming year of 2020. It will be the second generation as the company has been busy creating numerous prototypes for the past couple of years. Rumors suggest that the exclusive elements that got developed for this model got incorporated into other models. The amber light display screen that gets featured on the Oasis is an example of the technology drain. The oasis was the costliest kindle you could get your hands on, and it has put the voyage in oblivion.

Voyage 2 has undergone many development phases at the RND facility. Many prototyping stages have got tested on this model. One of the tested models known by the name Kindle DX had a large e-reading display screen with physical keys. Due to some reason, this idea was taken out and not promoted further.

New Models Tested

The company also considered a note device that would have digitally taken the scribbles from the users. Targeted at the students, this would have featured a digital book renting program from amazon. It was supposed to get marketed to the college and the students of numerous universities. It was further put to a pause as it didn’t get the commercial push needed for marketing. The Lab 126 experts and engineers have decided upon a few aspects that would make the voyage two stand out. USB-C will be in use, and this kindle will be the first one to adopt this technology.

The voyage two will be having physical buttons to enable page-turning functions. The screen will have a large display of more than 7 inches. There is a possibility that it could be more than 10 inches. The engineers are focusing on making this model more useable for the elderly.

Developing Different Editions

Amazon is currently testing two different editions of this model. One appears to have a WACOM digitizer active layer for viewing and editing the amazon books. The engineers will integrate the public notes system that already exists for accommodating this feature. The other version is more alike a commercialized simplified e-reading device. It is tough to say at this point as to which model will get an initial release in the coming future. One thing is for sure that there will be more color alternatives and options available than just the white chassis or the standard black. It is also rumored that amazon will release more exciting accessories for this version.

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