What is Amazon Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle’s on-demand book rental service big buildings are filled with books? If you’re anything like us, you haven’t been in one since university. If you want more suppleness with your renting than a service tied to a national library, and want to read borrowed books on your Kindle, or the excellent Kindle App, Amazon’s answer is called Kindle Unlimited.

With over a million eBooks to select from, accessible across Kindles, Smartphone, computers and tablets, it’s a great way for bookworms to get access to loads of literature. The service also provides up some audio books too, with the monthly subscription fee giving you scope to store 10 offline titles at any given time.

What devices are supported?

Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited service works in a straight line within the Kindle app, which can be downloaded to pretty much any device with an internet connection. The big players include Android phones, iOS, and tablets, Windows and Fire tablets or Mac devices, all through their respective stores.
Naturally, Kindle Unlimited books can also be read on Kindles – Amazon’s excellent eReaders, which range from affordable budget eInk displays to premium backlit slabs like Kindle Oasis.

How many Kindle Unlimited title is there and can I rent at once?

Kindle covers books and magazines, so you can match and mix until your library is full. If your library is at capability when you come to rent an 11th title, the service prompt you to either remove another Kindle Unlimited title from your account.

What happens to my old Kindle books?

All your old books remain in-tact and are just supplemented by your rented magazines and books until either you ‘return them’, or cancel your Unlimited account, which can be done at any time.

The best thing about Kindle Unlimited

While the audio books providing isn’t perfect, one thing the Kindle Unlimited experience does better than the rest is displayed eBooks. It provides extensive customizations to the feel and looks of your eBook, right through to a feature called Word Runner, which helps wannabe speed readers whizz through titles.

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