Kindle is an amazing E-book designed and developed to help readers read effectively from anywhere without carrying heavy books. The kindle technical support gives efficient help to users for remedies of common issues occurring in the electronic book from anywhere. The quick discharge of the battery of the electronic book is a frustrating issue for the readers. It leads to the continuous issue of charging your electronic book every now and then. The kindle electronic book’s battery should last at least a week or two considering a reading time of half an hour regularly. One can easily connect with the technical support for resolving the issue of amazon kindle.

Symptoms Of Issues In The Battery Of The Electronic Book

  • The battery is lasting for less than a week even if the reading time is around thirty to forty minutes a day.
  • The battery is not getting fully charged even if plugged in for a longer period.
  • The battery is taking longer than usual hours to get fully charged.

Effective Solution For The Quick Discharge Of Battery Of The Electronic Book

  • First of all, you need to tap on the search icon of the home screen of the electronic book.
  • It should be ensured that all the text is displayed on the right of the search box.
  • Now you need to press some random alphabets from the digital keyboard. Ensure that the letters typed doesn’t form a meaningful word.
  • Now go to the next side of the box to begin the search by tapping over the arrow on the screen.
  • Look and find the unindexed items from the result displayed on the screen.
  • If there’s any unindexed item present on the E-book than it must be deleted.
  • Press on the unindexed item.
  • Hold on the unindexed item and the option will appear.
  • From the dropdown menu select the option of delete to eliminate the file from the electronic book.
  • Now plug in the device and completely charge it.

Connect with the amazon kindle support if the error is not resolved. The technical team of the customer support of electronic books is customer friendly and gives an easy solution.

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