This is touted to the most premium grade kindle from Amazon. It is the topmost high-end product that has been designed for avid readers who do not compromise and never part from their set of books. Just like any other edition of kindle, one can store several books as it has a large internal memory. Moreover, if you purchase content from Amazon, then you can get cloud storage for free. Numerous formats are supported, including the TXT and PDF. The oasis comes with an asymmetrical and unique design that features excellent water resistance and touchscreen with high resolution. 

This 10th gen Oasis comes with adjustable front light. You can easily switch from the warm amber tones to a cooler tone of white. The difference is impressive when you compare the Paperwhite which makes use of 5 white LEDs for lighting up the page; the oasis, on the other hand, uses a range of 25 modifiable LEDs. 

Excellent lighting and unique design

It results in an evenly spread light across the screen. This feature is highly useful as in the night time the warm lighting is beneficial for the readers. The lights can be adjusted to the lower levels without interfering with the circadian rhythms of the reader or impacting the sleep of the nearby people. The orientation is auto-detected courtesy of the inbuilt accelerometer. The device is easy to hold in either hand, and the page-turning physical buttons are there to assist you in reading with just one hand. Use this device in the pool or the tub without worrying about the damage of the splashes. 

The 32 GB 4G edition is value for money as the battery extends to 6 weeks of reading time considering the brightness is not high. Usually, it only requires charging at the end of the third week with high-performance settings. Some users find this device a bit expensive, but if you are looking for the ultimate kindle or the eBook reading device, and have a vast collection of books, then this is the all in one stop for you.

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