So many people have been asking is Amazon is going to release a new Amazon kindle or not and mainly the companies that have started releasing new eBook readers with color E ink screens. The fact is that nobody exactly knows whether Amazon is going to release its new Amazon kindle or not.

In this context, we will consider the previous events to gauge the likelihood of a new kindle getting released this year.

Amazon is currently is offering three types of Kindle models along with the Kids Kindle. Kindle is not a different model.

Two out of the three models were released in the last year. It has been observed that Amazon rarely replaces a model after just one year. It takes nearly 2-3 years before being discontinued or replaced.

According to the current entry-level Kindle was released in April 2019 and the kindle oasis 3 was released in July 2019.

When we consider the 4.5 start rating among amazon user review at Amazon the likelihood of either of those getting replaced.

The one model that could be possible to get updated is the Kindle paper white 4. It was mainly released in November 2018. In case Amazon kindle decides to add a warm front light to the paper white like they did the Oasis last year that’s one way I could see a new kindle getting released in 2020.

Earlier it tool Amazon 3 years to replace the last paper white model and warm front lights were around then and they opted not to include one so are they likely to do so now?

The odds of Amazon is releasing a new Amazon Kindle in 2020 looks pretty slim, but they have released a new kindle every year since 2009 so history is on the side of something coming out.

There are few outside chances that Amazon could release an entirely new model to add to their lineup kindles, they have not done that since 2016 when they first introduced the Oasis so it’s about time for a new model.

So there is a doubt whether Amazon will release a color kindle anytime soon because of the limitations with technology, and they already sell fire tables for color content.

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